Experiments with ruby-processing (processing-2.2.1) and JRubyArt for processing-3.0

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Alternative Ruby-Processing implementation

Currently I am working on a new version of JRubyArt to create an alternative ruby wrapper for processing (to ruby-processing).
  • Sketches run as regular ruby scripts (just need jruby)
  • Vecmath libraries developed for ruby-processing built in
  • You can use Netbeans-8.0.1 to develop and run sketches
  • From netbeans you load and use other gems with your sketches
  • Has a blank sketch creator built in
  • Is in development (yet to support opengl sketches, libraries)
Some sketches as with regular ruby-processing (load image etc) require jruby-complete to run, but with netbeans this is not a problem:-

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