Experiments with ruby-processing (processing-2.2.1) and JRubyArt for processing-3.0

Monday, 27 October 2014

For the next version of ruby-processing examples will not be included in the gem.

You will still be able to install using "rp5 setup unpack_samples" which will just download and install the sketches for you:-


Many of the vanilla processing example sketches have been translated to ruby-processing, and they are mainly written as 'bare' sketches (ie not class wrapped) in keeping with the original processing. At runtime these sketches the get wrapped into a Sketch class. Should you prefer you can still write class wrapped sketches, these will work equally well with ruby processing. Certain sketches must be run with JRuby-Complete (load_image and shader sketches), this is some java permissions thing with jruby. You should also checkout the Nature of Code Examples in ruby and for the beginner Learning Processing with Ruby.

Partial Catalogue (for the lazy)

  1. Basic

    1. structure
    2. objects
    3. arrays
    4. input
    5. shape
    6. image
    7. control
  2. Topics

    1. shaders
    2. lsystems
  3. Libraries

    1. fastmath
    2. vecmath
    3. control-panel

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