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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

An opportunity to restore ruby-processing as a rubygem distributable gem?

It occurs to me that at least on ArchLinux (since processing-2.0.1) and the Mac (since processing-2.1) the location (path) of processing jars could be relied on (albeit OS specific). Further the majority of sketches can now be run with an installed jruby (which is now the default) thus we could exclude jruby-complete and the processing jars from the gem, and we would easily return to rubygems distribution. It would be sensible to retain the the jruby-complete as an optional post install to enable access to shader sketches and possibly still support application export, although that would not be a priority. The folks at processing are still inviting integration with the processing ide (see below), but I would prefer ruby-processing to stick with the ruby ecology.

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