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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Checking out jruby-complete-9000.dev.jar (waiting for jruby-1.7.5)

I just tested the 2 October 2013 snapshot of jruby-complete-9000 with ruby-processing, so far so good (still issue with fisica library that I had thought had gone away with jruby-1.7.5.dev, but I might have been using my "corrected" version of the fisica library, anyway I will be interested to see the effect of Charlies pruning basically removing ruby-1.8.7 compatibility). I've also been reviewing "app.rb", with a view to being a bit more specific about which processing classes to import. Having failed abysmally to make any use of processing event classes directly, they are in firing line. Also I will only import opengl classes for P2D and P3D sketches (work in progress, will be ready for next ruby-processing commit to coincide with jruby-1.7.5 release). On the processing front a new release of vanilla processing may not be too far away either (at long last, and then probably only because of the Mac Retina display issue, java version is going to be upgraded to version 1.7.0_40).

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