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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Yet more experiments with JRubyArt and pry

My experience of ruby-processing with pry (for live mode) has not been promising, however things change so I thought I would give it another go, since the live IRB, has not been that wonderful either:-
The live.rb code
# An pry shell for live coding.
# Will start with your sketch.

require_relative 'base'

ARGV.clear # So that pry doesn't try to load them as files.

require 'pry'

The sketch k9 create fred 300 300 --wrap
class Fred < Processing::App
  def setup
    sketch_title 'Fred'

  def draw


  def settings
    size 300, 300, FX2D
    # smooth # here

k9 live fred.rb

Turns out it was a really lucky choice to experiment with FX2D sketch (as there might be threading or other issues with JAVA2D), another strategy that seemed to work well is to redefine the sketch draw loop from pry (still can't see a serious use case, but it is a bit of fun). IRB can handle a yield block in draw loop (with block_given? guard) but it doesn't play too well with pry.

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