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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Ruby-Processing now using pry for live coding mode

The latest release of ruby-processing uses pry for live coding, and this is genuinely exciting. Here is a live mode for a class wrapped jwishy.rb sketch, which I have listed in the pry console using '$' command (NB: click on images to see full size):-

This is all the class wrapping needed

class JWishy < Processing::App
  # bare sketch code
Bare sketches instead get listed as the super class, but to be honest listing of the code in the pry console is not that exciting see embedded video, the exciting bit is to be able to futz with sketch code from the console and watch it affect the running console (but why not try it for yourself). In the "Wishy Worm" example we change the background of the sketch by changing the @back_color variable, and change the bluish accessor method to a custom method that returns bluish as function of the y_wiggle variable

But you can do so much more, including 'ls' available methods, and remember pry has a built in help...

live from monkstone on Vimeo.

Live coding in ruby-processing now using pry

Bounce.rb code used in video
You should also checkout the pry 'edit' function, which allows you to use your favourite editor to edit a method say 'JWishy#draw'

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