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Friday, 27 December 2013

Experimenting with pry and JRubyArt

If we replace ruby-processings 'live.rb' with the following version, we can easily use pry with ruby-processing (but I am not sure what for, because I don't use pry).
# An PRY shell for live coding. 
# This flavor will either load up empty JRubyArt sketch, 
# or will start with your sketch.

require "#{File.dirname(__FILE__)}/base.rb"

ARGV.clear # So that IRB doesn't try to load them as files.

require 'pry'

You still need to access sketch using $app, eg $app.background 0 sets background to 0 (but I expect that could be changed?). Ideally you will also install pry with rgem, and use the --gem flag to be sure that jruby can use the pry gem. Actually turn out this is still somewhat flakey, certainly on linux.

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