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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Watch mode working again with P3D sketches in JRubyArt

Since this commit to vanilla processing the watch mode is now working in P3D. This was the result of a pull request from Jonathan Feinberg (processing.py), who realised which resources were not being released from such sketches (it was probably even more important for processing.py). It was Jonathans pull request that alerted me to the fact that it would be worth retesting with the latest development version of processing (which pulls his requested fix). Anyway the upshot is this will be automatically fixed for Linux and Windows users when the next version of processing gets released (Mac users if sticking with version 2.0.3 will not be so lucky). There exists a big opportunity for any Mac user brave enough to test the development versions of both processing and JRubyArt (next version of ruby-processing) to test if it can also work for them.
Anyway following my preliminary testing of "watch mode" with JRubyARt I can make the following suggestions to make your sketches more watch friendly:-
  1. Don't have no_loop in your sketch (it might not get updated) 
  2. If using constants use ||= to define them (that way you avoid complaint of already defined constant)
Anyway if you did not remember to do it before, you can (of course) do it in your first "edit" of the sketch.

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