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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Time to give up on the Mac

I have started a new development fork of ruby-processing, I am calling it JRubyArt, there will be no support for the Mac (in the foreseeable future, possibly never, depends on active co-operation Mac users). Calling it JRubyArt may not be so daft because the end point need not only be a processing sketch (PovRAY or Sunflow).
It is an absolute requirement of the development branch to be using at least java-7 (this is requirement for processing-2.1+, but I am really targeting java-8). The idea is that JRubyArt keeps step with jruby-9000 development (which will likely require at least java-7, but likely to work best with java-8). On this basis, there is absolutely no point in supporting the Mac, which post Maverick seems to be designed not to work with java (having said that many jruby users have Macs go figure).

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