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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Alternative development environments for ruby-processing and JRubyArt


No really, netbeans can be used as a development environment for ruby-processing (and might be a sensible choice on windows). The first hurdle is to install the jruby netbeans plugin thereafter things get easier (you can use the plugin to install ruby-processing gem, but you will still need to install vanilla processing, unless using JRubyArt). NB you sometimes have to be a bit patient (ruby-plugin slows down the ide and loading gems etc can take a time).


Not really an ide but comes close with the ruby-plugin (but the plugin is in serious need of an update ruby 1.86) see live editing and my jedit resources here for my macro and console plugins


An editor favoured by many ruby users (combine with tmux etc for true awesomeness). Create a sketch in vim, fire it up with rp5 watch and you have a nice replish way of working.
To simply run the sketch you are currently editing :!rp5 run % or to force use of jruby-complete :!rp5 --nojruby run %


Some kind person could produce an Emacs major-mode for ruby-processing, like the processing-mode. Still popular...

Textmate / Sublime

Popular on the Mac see ruby-processing textmate bundle, which also could do with updating, but could get you started.

The Processing Ide

Not an option, Tyfkda did some preliminary work on a ruby-mode for processing, but is difficult.

Atom editor

Looks to be a good editor might be perfect match for ruby-processing development?....

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