Experiments with ruby-processing (processing-2.2.1) and JRubyArt for processing-3.0

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Some observations and reflections

It now seem very likely that vanilla processing changes will be very significant (this is a good thing) and such changes will likely take some time to solidify. For that reason there is not much point in ruby-processing (or JRubyArt) trying to keep up. Everything seemed to be pointing toward a LWJGL3 (AndrĂ©s Colubri) future (but now it's changed back to jogl update 16 May 2015), and possible javafx integration (Ben Fry). Seems the LWJGL3 project is too unstable?  So near term efforts will concentrate on jruby- and ruby-2.2 syntax changes/opportunities using the existing processing-2.2.1 release.  Possible opportunity for jruby games...?

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