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Monday, 15 September 2014

Include Processing::Proxy to mimic the processing inner classes

If you have been using processing for some time, then you should be aware of the inner classes used by processing to make variables/methods available across classes (strictly non OOP but convenient). In the processing ide, the use of java inner classes is hidden (because the code is post-processed). However if you look at the generated java you will find that if you create a class in the processing ide, it becomes an inner class. Use of the inner class is there to allow easy access to the methods and variables of the outer class (your sketch). If you graduated from using the processing ide to using Eclipse (see tutorial) or Netbeans (other ides are available) you will know that when you create a new java class you can't use the methods and variables, unless you call the instance of the PApplet from you sketch (typically a PApplet variable parent created in your new class, and the class constructor is used to initialize that variable). To give a similar level of access to that provided by processings inner classes you should include the ruby processing Processing::Proxy module in your sketches (however sketch width, and height are not available). The more 'pure' way to to provide such access is to copy the "Eclipse" way of accessing these variables and methods, and that is what you "should" do to access sketch width and height. The "dirty" way to do it is access the sketches '$app' global variable "width = $app.width" for example. A template for creating Processing::Proxy class (in a separate file) is included in ruby-processing:-
rp5 create inner_class --inner

Of course you will give a different more relevant name to your inner classes!!
Then vim inner_class.rb, other editors are available

class InnerClass
  include Processing::Proxy

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