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Sunday, 22 February 2015

More video library stuff with JRubyArt

The latest JRubyArt has a configurable library loader here is it being used to load the processing-3.0 video library:-
The library can be in a local 'library', folder in the default "~/.jruby_art/libraries", or in a "~/.jruby_art/libraries/config.yml" defined alternative folder.
require 'jruby_art'

# Test your Webcam with this sketch
class TestCapture < Processing::App
  load_library :video
  include_package 'processing.video'
  attr_reader :cam

  def setup
    size(960, 544)
    cameras = Capture.list
    fail 'There are no cameras available for capture.' if (cameras.length == 0)
    p 'Matching cameras available:'
    size_pattern = Regexp.new(format('%dx%d', width, height))
    select = cameras.grep size_pattern # filter available cameras
    select.uniq.map { |cam| p cam.strip }
    fail 'There are no matching cameras.' if (select.length == 0)

  def start_capture(cam_string)
    # The camera can be initialized directly using an
    # element from the array returned by list:
    @cam = Capture.new(self, cam_string)
    p format('Using camera %s', cam_string)

  def draw
    return unless cam.available
    image(cam, 0, 0)
    # The following does the same, and is faster when just drawing the image
    # without any additional resizing, transformations, or tint.
    # set(0, 0, cam)

TestCapture.new(title: 'Test Capture')

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