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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Installing netbeans ruby-plugin and jruby_art gem

Please note for installation of gems, and some other operations netbeans can be a bit slow:- Download and unzip the plugin yields ~/arch/build/updates/*.* note location, which you will need to navigate to when installing "downloaded" plugins (from netbeans menu). Select all the *.nbm modules and the jruby.jar. And install see below:-

Then install the downloaded gem as install local (local install required to load --pre gem) and you are good to go a real ide to develop jruby_art who needs a processing mode?

See crude Templates here
To install templates navigate to .netbeans/config/Templates (create a Templates folder if it does not exist) create a sub folder 'Ruby' put the outer .nbattrs file here, create a folder jruby_art and place the other .nbattrs file there along with both ruby sketch files. Templates should now show up in a Ruby sub-folder.

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