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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Ruby-processing at version 2.5.0 on github

Can't wait to try it out? The latest version of ruby-processing is now available at github. It is a bit trickier to build than previous versions and requires an installed jruby, ruby-compiler (gem) see instructions here. Actually the build is really easy just do "rake" and you are done (but you need to set your procssing root and you might not have ruby-compiler installed?). The compiled jruby extensions offer an interesting way in which to extend ruby-processing to use java libraries (not necessarily restricted to processing libraries), but especially with libraries that rely on reflection in their interface. The best exemplar of this the ArcBall utility, that uses reflection under the hood (to register pre()) so we can implement ArcBall functionality in a ruby processing sketch in one line (updates are sent to sketch via pre()). Obvious candidates for such an approach is java JBox2D, so would not have to rely on Dan Schiffmans PBox2D (now Box2DProcessing) or Ricard Marxers fisica, which could build on ruby-processings Vec2D.

ArcBall sketch code:-
# 1. drag mouse to rotate arcball
# 2. hold down x, y, or z to constrain arcball rotation to that axis

load_library :vecmath

# initialize arcball in setup and you are done...........

  # either provide arc ball center (sketch is translated to center)

  ArcBall.init(self, width/2.0, height/2.0)

  # or alternative form, where camera is set to point at center


DegLut sketch code:-
# DegLut.sin() and DegLut.cos() values

load_library :fastmath
# draw minute markers for analogue clock
  (0..360).step(6) do |a|
    x = 100 + DegLut.cos(a) * 72
    y = 100 + DegLut.sin(a) * 72
    point x, y

A complete example showing how to initialize AppRender, and use it to allow Vec2D to be written (by sketch authors) directly as PApplet vertices
# Morph. 
# Changing one shape into another by interpolating
# vertices from one to another
load_library :vecmath

attr_reader :circle, :square, :morph, :state, :v1, :v2, :renderer

ALPHA = Math::PI / 4.0
THETA = Math::PI / 20.0

def setup
  size(640, 360)
  @circle = []
  @square = []
  @morph = []
  @state = false
  @renderer = AppRender.new(self)
  # Create a circle using vectors pointing from center
  (ALPHA .. OMEGA).step(THETA) do |angle|
    # Note we are not starting from 0 in order to match the
    # path of a circle.  
    circle << Vec2D.from_angle(angle) * 100
    # Let's fill out morph Array with blank Vec2Ds while we are at it
    morph << Vec2D.new

  # A square is a bunch of vertices along straight lines
  # Top of square
  (-50 .. 50).step(10) do |x|
    square << Vec2D.new(x, -50)
  # Right side
  (-50 .. 50).step(10) do |y|
    square << Vec2D.new(50, y)
  # Bottom, NB: can't negative step ruby so use your loaf
  5.downto(-5) do |x|
    square << Vec2D.new(x * 10, 50)
  # Left side
  5.downto(-5) do |y|
    square << Vec2D.new(-50, y * 10)

def draw

  # We will keep how far the vertices are from their target
  @total_distance = 0

  # Look at each vertex
  circle.length.times do |i|
    # Are we lerping to the circle or square?
    v1 = (state)?  circle[i] : square[i]
    # Get the vertex we will draw
    v2 = morph[i]

    # Lerp to the target
    v2.lerp!(v1, 0.1)
    # Check how far we are from target
    @total_distance += v1.dist(v2)

  # If all the vertices are close, switch shape
  if (@total_distance < 0.08)
    @state = !state

  # Draw relative to center
  translate(width/2, height/2)
  # Draw a polygon that makes up all the vertices
  morph.each do |v|
New updated version since (26 July 2014), attempts to set processing root automatically if there is no ~/.rp5rc. JRUBY config option allows users to default to using jruby-complete without the --nojruby flag.

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