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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Pondering whether to hide implementation detail of Renderers

In a previous post I posted code using my new renderer interface, that exposed the user to the fact that the renderer object were java objects (partly because I thought it would be more transparent, but that would be lost on many users?). But I could easily hide it, by changing vecmath.rb as follows:-
require 'rvecmath'

Java::ProcessingVecmathArcball::ArcballLibrary.new.load(JRuby.runtime, false)
Java::ProcessingVecmathVec2::Vec2Library.new.load(JRuby.runtime, false)
Java::ProcessingVecmathVec3::Vec3Library.new.load(JRuby.runtime, false)

AppRender = Java::ProcessingVecmath::AppRender
ShapeRender = Java::ProcessingVecmath::ShapeRender

The wise could use renderer.inspect to get the following, but it might not be obvious that they should do.

Actually it just occurred to me that inspect is a synonym for toString, that I should explicitly provide....
Well I learnt something new there it is not synonym after all, but chose to create a toString anyway.

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