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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

JRubyArt is now using java extensions to generate ruby (Vecmath, ArcBall, DegLut)

Still waiting for @headius to confirm I am the right track with my java extensions to jruby. But I am not waiting forever so now my updated JRubyArt now includes these extensions:-
  1. A vecmath library, featuring Vec2D and Vec3D classes (written in java, but loaded as ruby)
  2. Also featured in the vecmath library is an ArcBall class  (also written in java, but loaded as ruby)
  3. A deglut library which is  now all, java uses a sin90 look up table to create sin cos functionality(is actually slightly faster than regular math sin/cos)
The extension stuff is written up here 

Thing to do:-
  1. Fix overloaded methods for color? eg background, fill, stroke
  2. Experiment with jafama (again, why is Jonathan Feinberg including google guava libs)
  3. improve build now at least a two stage process
  4. Clone and BFG clobber processing-2.2.1 snapshot?
  5. Create a renderer class that is initialized with PApplet, and has medods to send vertex(arg), normal(arg), curvedVertex(arg) etc. where arg is an instance of Vec3D?

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