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Monday, 2 May 2011

Using Hemesh Library in ruby-processing

It has been positively ages since I last posted any ruby-processing sketches here is one processing library that you might like to experiment with it is the Hemesh library by Frederik Vanhoutte aka W:Blut. Over on my other blog I have been describing the development of my latest processing library "povwriter" a tool for exporting processing sketches to the povray format and this is one of the sketches I have used.  Next I will attempt to get my "povwriter" library working in ruby processing.

# RandomCage.rb is a processing sketch that shows
# how you can use the Hemesh library in Ruby-Processing.

class RandomCage < Processing::App
  load_libraries 'hemesh', 'opengl'
  include_package 'wblut.hemesh'
  include_package 'wblut.hemesh.creators'
  include_package 'wblut.hemesh.iterators'
  include_package 'wblut.hemesh.modifiers'
  include_package 'wblut.hemesh.subdividors'

  import "processing.opengl"

  TWO_PI = Math::PI * 2
  attr_reader :cage

  def setup
    @cage = HE_Mesh.new(HEC_Box.new(self).set_depth(height/2).set_height(height/2).set_width(height/2))
    #HES_Planar() subdivision can include a measure of randomness
    #A save choice after introducing any kind of randomness is to triangulate possible concave faces.
    #Concave faces do not invalidate the mesh but can give unexpected results.
    sel = HE_Selection.new
    for f in cage.f_itr        # using ruby syntax here
      sel.add f

  def draw
    translate(width/2, height/2)
    rotate_y(mouse_x * 1.0  / width * TWO_PI - Math::PI)
    rotate_x(mouse_y * 1.0 / height * TWO_PI - Math::PI)

  def configure_opengl
    render_mode OPENGL
    hint ENABLE_OPENGL_4X_SMOOTH     # optional


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