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Sunday, 26 September 2010

A Staffordshire Knot Using Ruby Processing and A Context Free Library

A Staffordshire Knot, ruby-processing 3D context-free DSL from monkstone on Vimeo.

Using a slight variation of the previous post we get something similar to the Staffordshire Knot.

segment :rz => i, :ry => Math.sin(i*Math::PI/180)*0.2, :x => Math.sin(i*Math::PI/180)*1.5

Is the main change, although to produce the video, I was saving frames and set the size to 640*480 to match vimeo preferences. Was very jumpy when I saved frames as #####.png ...

I have since uploaded an improved version, this time using the default save_frame (hence tif format). Mencoder doesn't like this format so I batch converted the tif files to png as so:-

mogrify -format png -transparent blue *.tif

See my processing blog for the video recording details.

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