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Monday, 26 April 2010

Using the Voronoi library in ruby processing

This something I knocked up after reading a posting on the processing discourse (exhibition) posted by "guyy". The code is a lot simpler in ruby, and I much prefer the ruby processing control panel to controlP5 gui. You can get the voronoi mesh library here. In my revised version as of 30 April 2010, you can load a different image to work with.

load_libraries 'mesh', 'control_panel'
import 'megamu.mesh.Voronoi'

attr_reader :voronoi, :img, :ready, :upper, :lower, :lowskip, :highskip, :show, :points, :load_file

def setup()
 size(600, 600)
 @ready = false
 @show = false
 @load_file = true
 @points = Array.new
 puts("done setup")

def setup_control
  control_panel do |c|
    c.title = "Control Panel"
    c.slider :upper, 50..255, 200
    c.slider :lower, 0..205, 150
    c.slider :lowskip, 1..20, 1
    c.slider :highskip, 1..20, 7
    c.button :change_image
    c.button :Go
    c.button :view_image
    c.button :save_voronoi

def draw()
  if (load_file)
    file = select_input("Choose Image File")
    @img = load_image(file)
    @load_file = false
  if (ready)
  if(show && img)

def get_all_points()
  x_array = Array.new  # random array of x points
  y_array = Array.new  # random array of y points
  x = 0
  y = 0

  while(x < (width - highskip))
    x += rand(highskip) + lowskip

  while(y < (height - highskip))
    y += rand(highskip) + lowskip

  x_array.each do |pos_x|
    y_array.each do |pos_y|
      b = brightness(img.get(pos_x, pos_y))
      if (b <= upper && b >= lower)
        @points.push([pos_x, pos_y])
  puts("total #{points.size()}")

def display_voronoi
  regions = voronoi.get_regions
  regions.each do |region|
    region_coordinates = region.get_coords

  edges = voronoi.get_edges
  edges.each do |edge|
    x0 = edge[0]
    y0 = edge[1]
    x1 = edge[2]
    y1 = edge[3]
    line(x0, y0, x1, y1)


def mouse_pressed()
  b = brightness(img.get(mouse_x, mouse_y)) if img
  puts "Brightness = #{b}"

def Go()
  @ready = false
  get_all_points if img
  @voronoi = Voronoi.new(@points.to_java(Java::float[]))
  @ready = true

def save_voronoi
  puts "finished!"

def change_image
  @load_file = !load_file      
def view_image
  @show = !show

Use this tool to create "voronoi portraits" from greyscale images. Here is the application in action with one of my context free "tree" images. In the screenshot below the view_image button has been selected, after the the voronoi was displayed.

If you move the mouse over regions in the original image, and press it the brightness is printed to the console (helps setting thresholds).

Here is what a saved voronoi image looks like (images are saved as a tif by default).

Here is an image you might recognize (Inverted using the Gimp)

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