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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Live Editing Ruby-Processing from jEdit

I have just updated my jEdit commando file for ruby processing, to include watch, create, export app and export applet options. I've yet to figure a way for the buffer window to re-open with a newly created ruby processing applet script. However it is no big deal to open the file using the jEdit file chooser. Here are some pics showing an example of a newly created hello_world.rb being edited live using watch:-

The newly created hello_world.rb file open for editing in jEdit

Running the rp5 commando file, setting the rp5 run option to watch.

The running applet (watch mode)

Live editing the running applet, note that you can set/reset the applet size, and the the applet will adjust on save.

The running applet (after "saving") still in the original watch mode/thread.

To make things as easy as falling off a bike you could save the following rp5.bsh script in the .jedit/macros folder

// rp5.bsh

new console.commando.CommandoDialog(view,"commando.rp5");

Then you can just click on the macro/rp5 menu, remember to check the commando settings as these are saved during the current jEdit session.

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