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Sunday, 14 June 2015

FX2D works better than JAVA2D on ruby-processing-3.0

Interesting pre-processing of pde sketches to move "size" from "setup" to "settings" does not seem to be implemented for FX2D sketches see sketch:-
FX2D sketch run from processing ide

Possibly because of a Ben Fry kludge JAVA2D isn't playing well in ruby-processing-3.0 (but then I tried FX2D) and happiness ensued shame about the opengl sketches jumping around
def setup
  sketch_title 'FX2D'

def draw
  background 0
  fill 200, 0, 0
  ellipse width / 2, height / 2, 300, 200

def settings
  size 400, 300, FX2D

Sketch run from ruby-processing-3.0

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