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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Latest ruby-processing release 2.4.4

The latest release ruby-processing-2.4.4 has been updated to use the just released jruby-1.7.12 (which is mainly bug-fixes). Coincidentally a new version of vanilla processing (version 2.1.2) has also just been released. I have been testing this processing-2.1.2 during its development on my linux box, and the most significant change for ruby-processing users is that we are now able to use watch mode with P2D and P3D, but there have been other changes that might make this release work better generally on MacOSX. I am therefore recommending that all ruby-processing users update processing to the latest version. One caveat is that I expect application export to be broken on the Mac, it should not be too difficult to fix but I haven't got a Mac, so I'm hoping someone supplies a fix.

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