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Friday, 14 June 2013

Alternative install of ruby-processing for ArchLinux

It is possible to install JRuby using pacman on ArchLinux:-

sudo pacman -S jruby
This will install any dependency such as openjdk
You should now build the ruby-processing-1.0.12.gem


jruby -S rake 

To install:-

jruby -S gem install ruby-processing-2.2.0.gem 
Currently pacman installs JRuby-1.7.5 which is what we want, but there may be an issue of amd64 installs at runtime with it trying to load libjiffi-1.2.so for other architectures such as arm and i386 the fix is to install the latest jruby-launcher. However this should be installed locally from a downloaded gem (ie in the same way you just installed ruby-processing). You can then run the rp5 script by calling it from jruby(jruby -S may not be necessary depending o your setup):-

jruby -S rp5 run mysketch.rb 

/opt/jruby/bin/rp5 run mysketch.rb 
or after adding the path to the bin:-

rp5 run mysketch.rb 

Updated 13th October 2013

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