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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Testing ruby-processing with processing-2.0

Very recently originalsurfmex forked ruby-processing here, with the noble intent of updating it to use jruby-1.7.0, and the then latest version of processing-2.0. It was unfortunate as that was version 2.0b5, which was a bit buggy. I just cloned the forked version onto my linux box and recompiled it with version-2.0b6 which is somewhat more settled  (but nowhere near current development version, where AWT has been replaced with NEWT).  Anyway here is snapshot of the result of running a modified jwishy (the control panel look a bit weird because I was using openjdk).
Anyway originalsurfmex fork doesn't really do it for 3D or without modification didn't work for me.  So I hacked it up myself to get 3D working after a fashion (I needed to ditch all references to online in code, got rid of overriden methods size and handleDraw in app.rb). I found I needed to include processing.opengl and possibly processing.event as well as processing.core.
More to follow.....


  1. If you get it working well -- please contribute sending the patch back on GitHub as a pull request.


  2. Will do, currently my version is very much at hack stage, further I would like vanilla processing-2.0 beta to settle down a bit more, may'be when 2.0b7 gets released, as there was bit of change in jogl implementation (AWT -> NEWT). Actual performance so far is very encouraging see more recent blog entries.



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