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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Inner classes, workaround for ruby processing

Developments are moving a pace over on the processing implementation discourse http://processing.org/discourse/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1238452139. As you may have realized that classes in processing are generally inner classes, and so have access to methods of the enclosing PApplet class. This is not the same in ruby however Jeremy Ashkenas aka jashkenas has been busy developing a workaround for ruby processing (including processing as a mixin) which seems quite interesting. Here is an example using my Saucer class, I'm not super keen about my render method it doesn't look too ruby like (inherited from my java processing code):-

# saucer.rb

include Math

class Saucer

        include Processing::Proxy

        # include processing as Mixin

        R1 = 4.0  # class constants that together

        R2 = 3.0  # with PI constants are used

        R3 = 6.0  # to define the Saucer shape

        A1 = 0.25

        A2 = 0.60

        A3 = 0.0


        attr_reader :xpos, :ypos, :my_scale, :tilt

        def initialize xpos, ypos

                @xpos = xpos

                @ypos = ypos

                @my_scale = 10.0

                @tilt = 0


        def get_point radius, theta

                x = xpos + (radius * Math.cos(theta + tilt)) *my_scale

                y = ypos + (radius * Math.sin(theta + tilt)) *my_scale

                return x, y


        def set_tilt(theta)

                theta = Saucer::MAX_THETA if theta > Saucer::MAX_THETA

                theta = -Saucer::MAX_THETA if theta < -Saucer::MAX_THETA

                @tilt = theta


        def set_scale(scale)

                @my_scale = scale unless scale < 0


        def render


                curve_tightness -0.05


                x, y = get_point(Saucer::R1, Saucer::A1)

                curve_vertex(x, y)

                x, y = get_point(Saucer::R2, TWO_PI - Saucer::A2)

                curve_vertex(x, y)

                x, y = get_point(Saucer::R2, PI + Saucer::A2)

                curve_vertex(x, y)

                x, y = get_point(Saucer::R1, PI - Saucer::A1)

                curve_vertex(x, y)

                x, y = get_point(Saucer::R2, PI + Saucer::A2)

                vertex(x, y)

                x, y = get_point(Saucer::R3, PI)

                vertex(x, y)

                vertex(x, y)

                x, y = get_point(Saucer::R1, PI - Saucer::A1)

                vertex(x, y)

                vertex(x, y)

                x, y = get_point(Saucer::R1, Saucer::A1)

                vertex(x, y)

                vertex(x, y)

                x, y = get_point(Saucer::R3, Saucer::A3)

                vertex(x, y)

                vertex(x, y)

                end_shape CLOSE



Here is the main code:-

require 'saucer'

class MixinsTest < Processing::App

        def setup

                @saucer = Saucer.new 70, 50

                @saucer.set_tilt QUARTER_PI/2

                @saucer1 = Saucer.new 130, 170

                @saucer1.set_scale 15

                @saucer1.set_tilt QUARTER_PI/3

                @saucer2 = Saucer.new 210, 340

                @saucer2.set_scale 25


        def draw

                background 11, 17, 67

                fill 116, 39, 39


                fill 255, 0, 0






MixinsTest.new :width => 400, :height => 400, :title => "Inner Test"

Heres the result of running the code 'rp5 run main.rb'

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